The Kilians



Silke & Kilian


Year 1970

Silke took piano lessons as a teenager and played in a rock band with her brother as a young adult. Through her work as an intensive care nurse, practice instructor and lecturer for neurosurgical intensive care, she then gave up music due to time constraints.

Through a change of profession in 2008, she then found her way back to art.
In 2010 she studied autodidactically the flow art, especially the dance with pois. Quickly came the first performances with fire shows.
In 2011, she met actor Lutz "Lutzelot" Jahr, who took her under his wing. Acting lessons and directing work with Lutzelot led to the artificial character "Flixa Flamme".
In 2012 Silke met her future husband Kilian, who also took over the further training. Joint performances as an acrobatic duo followed; directing, choreography and lessons in movement theater with Kilian led to the walkact figures "Waldgeist" and "Pepino, the Clochard" which are still in the artist's repertoire today.
2014 Acting lessons with Torsten Kleemann from 12-Step Theater and performances with "Expressiòn corporal".
In 2015 Silke decided to live mainly from art and thus also found the time again to approach music in new ways. As a percussionist she took lessons with Reza Samani, Katharina Dustmann and Nora Thiele. Vocal lessons with Kilian and later with Melanie Terres.
She founded JOYOSA with Kilian in 2015 and THE JOYFUL KILIANS in 2019.
Silke still has the walkacts in her program. She gave up acrobatics and fire shows in 2022 to devote herself more to music.


Year 1963

Mime training at the First Berlin School for Mime and Pantomime, acrobatics at the Circus School in Warsaw, trapeze lessons with Johanna Bäumler (Berlin) and Witold Spichalsky (Warsaw). Lessons with various clowns, dance with Fé Reichelt.
Since 1991 solo performances as jester, storyteller, musician, magician and from 1998 to 2005 as trapeze artist.
Training in circus and theater pedagogy with Bruno Zühlke and Samuel Jornot.

Founded in 2000 the group Triskilian, ensemble for world music and medieval music.

Since then, the musicians of Triskilian have played in churches, museums, at historical events and at major festivals.
In the meantime there are 6 CDs of this formation, on which also many own compositions of Kilian were published.

In 2005 Kilian stopped trapeze artistry and dedicates himself to music, choreography and various (movement) theater projects. Musically Kilian has learned traditional and medieval music as well as improvisation through intensive self-study and lessons with various teachers (Marco Ambrosini - nyckelharpa, Adil Dermitas - oud, Kuday Sahinalp - ney, Ricardo Delfino - banjo and harp, Mustafa Said - oud, Thomas Zöller - bagpipes, Hosoo - overtone singing).

Nyckelharpa advanced training at Fürsteneck Castle with Marco Ambrosini, Didier Francois, Annette Osann, Ditte Andersson.
Kilian plays and teaches bagpipes (gaida, gaita, market bags, ceccola polyphonica, shepherd's pipe), nyckelharpa, banjo, citole, Celtic harp, ney, duduk, woodwhistel, oud, lute, etc.

As a guest musician, Kilian has played for Capella Antiqua Bambergensis, Duivelspack, Rocky Lewis and Strandvilla, among others.
In the ensemble Triskilian, Kilian has worked with Marco Ambrosini, Ian Harrison and Katharina Dustmann.

In 2010, Kilian directed the opening event of the Kolping Society's Engagement Meeting (EGAT 2010) and also choreographed the pantomime scenes for it.
Through his years of experience as a teacher of acrobatics, he has directed the training of acrobats, direction and choreography in the formation "Expressiòn corporal".

Since 2014 Kilian has been playing in the folk group Herzgespann.
In 2015 he founded JOYOSA with Silke and in 2019 THE JOYFUL KILIANS.

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