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„Un Milagro“ – a wonder


Da que Dèus mamou
Morena me llaman
Lamma bada
Cuncti simus concanetes
A que por mui gran fremosura
A virgen, que de Dèus madre
La comida la mañana
A madre de Jesú Cristo
Flor de la granada
Hija mia mi querida
Los caminos de Sirkeci


"The miracle of al - Andalus" - this album sets a musical monument to him: Christian, Moorish and Sephardic songs and melodies from the heyday of al-Andalus are revived by the world music - duo JOYOSA.
Full of enthusiasm for the cultural diversity of musical crossover in medieval Spain, JOYOSA interpret and reconstruct pieces from some six centuries on "Un Milagro" on an overwhelming variety of traditional instruments.
The result is characterized by the necessary mixture of caution and daring: JOYOSA offers a music-historical program at the highest level and yet a program full of fire, life and passion!
With their arrangements of songs from the Cantigas de Santa Maria and the Llibre Vermell, oriental sounds, Sephardic romances and original compositions in the Arabo-Andalusian style, JOYOSA are sometimes rousing with pulsating rhythms, sometimes meditative with quiet tones, always true to their claim that "music must come from the heart to go to the heart".

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"Performed at a high level, the voices of Dirk and Silke Kilian are as convincing as the virtuoso instrumental skills of these two musicians..."


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