The Kilians

Solo Walkact

Solo Walkact


Forest Spirit and Pepino the Clochard

Solo Walkact

The forest spirit
The forest spirit is connected with the power of trees and bushes. He moves slowly and is a quiet, cautious being. In our fast-paced times, this figure takes the hustle and bustle out of the moment and invites the audience to wonder and dream. The forest spirit enchants big and small people alike.

Pepino the clochard

Pepino is a cheerful fellow and in his opinion the best-dressed man in the place. Therefore, he also likes to take care of the good looks of the guests. He proudly strides across the grounds and engages in all sorts of mischief. In his taciturnity he is very eloquent. An idler and a poet! (Respectful and polite interaction with the audience, no begging walk act).