The Kilians

Joyosa dances

Joyosa dances!


Traditional music meets oriental dance

Joyosa dances!

"Fabric rustles. A string sounds. The dance begins."

The world music duo JOYOSA plays traditional music from Turkey, Spain, Arab countries, Armenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Persia. The two musicians let their fingers dance over strings and skins. With odd rhythms on traditional and historical instruments such as oud, ney, duduk, Greek lute, frame drum, darabuka, kanjira and davul, JOYOSA takes you to the world of the Balkans and the Orient. Songs in old Spanish, Arabic and Macedonian tell of love.
The dance choreographies of MIRIMAH testify to joie de vivre and passion. With ease she combines the dance traditions of different cultures into a unity.
Sometimes rousing, sometimes meditative and always touching!

JOYOSA meets MIRIMAH – Improvisation

JOYOSA meets Mirimah – Üsküdara