The Kilians

Ex oriente lux

Ex oriente lux


Odd rhythms and traditional songs from the Balkans to the Middle East

Ex oriente lux

Ex Oriente Lux - from the East comes the light.

This light is the inspiration for the duo JOYOSA. With enthusiasm and passion they play songs and instrumentals from the Balkans to the Middle East.
Powerful rhythms from Bulgaria and Greece, vocal pieces from Macedonia and Turkey meet longing melodies from the Middle East.
The Arabic lute and the Armenian duduk create touching soundscapes. Oriental scales (maquams) take you to Middle Eastern countries. The longing sound of the reed flute Ney invites to meditate, fast instrumental pieces seduce to dance...

Instruments in this concert: Gaida, double flutes, davul, shrutibox, nyckelharpa, frame drum, ney, kaval, Greek lute, oud, woodwhistle, domra, darbuka