The Kilians

Duo Walkact

Duo Walkact


Pepino and Pomodoro, the charming clochards, forest and water spirit, enchanting nature beings.

Duo Walkact

Pepino and Pomodoro
Pepino and Pomodoro are two vagabonds who enjoy life. Two idlers of carefree ease. They are proud of the little they have and pass the time with merry mischief. Every now and then, the two are also on the road musically.
(Respectful and courteous treatment of the audience, no Begging walkact.)

Forest and water spirit
With movements adapted to the elements, this walk act is a real eye-catcher for young and old. Forest spirit and water spirit meet each other wondering, testing, playing. The forest spirit, connected with the power of trees and bushes, moves slowly, earthy and powerful. The river spirit, on the other hand, uses the power of the stream, lets itself move in waves. In our fast-paced times, these characters take the hustle and bustle out of the moment and invite the audience to marvel and dream. Enchanting and exciting!